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Monetize website traffic without sacrificing performance and user-experience through Google AdSense and CDN.

Monetize website traffic without sacrificing performance and user-experience through Google AdSense and CDN.


How to maximize ad revenue in Ezoic

More ads could mean more revenue. You get paid for every ad impression on your site. The more ads seen by your user, the more payment you can potentially get.


Case study: Google Adsense vs Ezoic monetization platform on a website with 3000 page views per month

Which monetization platform better suits a small website with 3000 page views per month in terms of performance, SERPs ranking, ad density and revenue?


Moving images to a CDN improved performance but caused a decrease in domain authority score

After moving our images to a CDN (cloud domain network) to improve LCP (largest contentful paint) score, our domain authority score dropped from 5 to 4


Fixing high total blocking time significantly improved average position in SERPs

Fixing total blocking time gave a significant boost in average search position causing ang increased clickthrough rate


How to fix high total blocking time

We improved our total blocking time from 220 ms to 40ms when viewing web pages on mobile devices on a 4G mobile data network


How to determine changes in your Google search rankings through Google Analytics (GA4)

How do you determine how a Google core update affected your ranking using GA4


Improving the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) score by serving images in webp format hosted on a Content Delivery Network.

The LCP represents how quickly the main content of a web page is loaded. How can we make it faster?


Redesigning above-the-fold content reduced the bounce rate and increased the session duration.

Redesigning our above-the-fold content seems to have improved our bounce rate by 5.5%.


Redesigning above-the-fold content to reduce bounce rate

Working on improving low-quality web page design to try to decrease our bounce rate


Improving page loading speed may not reduce bounce rate but will increase search results impressions

I thought improving my page loading speed would help reduce my bounce rate, but I was wrong


Reducing bounce rate by improving page loading speed

Improving page load speed to minimize scenarios where visitors did not have the chance to interact with the page.


Determining which pages to improve to ensure a good website first impression or bounce rate.

After getting stable organic traffic, how can we ensure that we are leaving a good first impression to new users?