How to determine changes in your Google search rankings through Google Analytics (GA4)

Jacquelyn Tandang
Jacquelyn Tandang
May 30, 2023

Search result rankings are based on how your page performs, according to some metric, against all other websites fighting for the same query.

A Google core update could positively or negatively affect your Google search results rankings. It is when Google updates its algorithm to determine how webpages perform.

A March 2023 Google Core update flagged 100% of Travel Cheap Asia's mobile pages as failing core web vitals and we would like to know how these changes affected our rankings.

How well does our website perform after the recent Google Core update?

We can check Google Analytics 4 to determine if these changes negatively affected our search results ranking.

Click here for instructions on how to install GA4 on your website if you do not have it yet.

Determine the change in the average search position

1. In your GA4 property, got to Reports > Search Console > Queries

This feature is only available if you have integrated your Google Search Console into your GA4.

Click here for instructions if you have not integrated your Google Search console into your GA4 yet.

2. On the upper right, click on the date to modify the date filter.

3. Select the date range for the current period, say May 1-28 then toggle compare switch button. By default, it will select the same number of days before the start of your selected date range.

4. Click Apply to reflect the changes.


Comparing our data from May 1-28 and April 3-30, there was a 6.8% decrease in our overall average search position from April to May.

Going through each row, we can see that some of the pages improved their ranking.

Queries for G7 Golden View Resort and some other pages moved down up to one notch but queries for little Boracay Calatagan Batangas went up two to five notches higher! We now rank at position 2 from position 8 for the “Calatagan floating cottage price” query.

A Google core update can negatively or positively affect search result rankings. Rankings are based on where you fall (based on new metrics in place) compared to all other websites fighting for the same query.

Below is our delta in average search position over the past few months

Average search position
Month Average Position Delta
February 13.92
March 12.11 12.99%
April 11.22 7.33%
May 11.98 -6.77%

Google Core Update indeed adversely affected our SEO efforts. In our previous post, blog#6, we made improvements but it would take up to 28 days for the changes to take effect.

We will perform this exercise again by the end of next month to see if we have recovered.